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Event Packages + Pricing

Large Event Pricing

Circus entertainment for events with 100+ people in attendance.

Great for: corporate events, weddings, galas and summits. 

See Pricing Below

Small Event Pricing

Bring unique entertainment to your small business or event. 100 people or less. 

Great for: bars, restaurants, birthday parties and small, local events. 

Large Event Pricing

Ambient Event Performance


Ongoing circus performance at events (juggling, aerial silks, aerial hoop, lollipop lyra and fire performances available). All performers will do a variety of moves and sequences for the specified amount of time. No specific music or tech requirements are needed.


Minimum Performance Time is 30 minutes.


  • 30 Minutes (1 Performer): $349.00

  • 1 Hour (2 Performers): $649.00

  • 2 Hours+ (3 Performers): $625.00 per hour

Great option for: Corporate Events, Weddings, Festivals


Each additional performer/act is an additional $160 per hour.

All events incur a $50 rigging fee for set-up and take down.

Not sure this price will fit your budget - no worries! Contact us and we'd be happy to find a price point that works with your budget.

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Circus Variety Shows and Single-Act Entertainment

Choreographed circus routines to a selected song or set of songs. Generally performed on a stage or as the centerpiece of an event. Requires at least a two-week performance notice. 


Includes both aerial and ground-based acts, unless otherwise requested. Fire performances available for an additional cost.

  • Single Song Performance: $300.00

  • 30-Minute Variety Show: $800.00

Great option for: Festivals, Church Gatherings, Variety Shows, Parties

Perform and Play Parties

Enhance your party experience by bringing the circus to your house! We'll do a short performance followed by hands-on time for your guests to learn circus tricks and try our equipment out first-hand. All perform and play parties are for 1 hour. 

Aerial silks, aerial hoop and juggling parties are available.

  • < 8 Participants + 1 Apparatus: $325.00

  • 8-15 Participants + 2 Apparatuses: $500.00

  • 15+ Participants: Contact us for a quote

Great option for: birthday parties, gender reveals, Christmas parties

All aerial performances incur a $50 rigging fee for set-up and take down.

Icon Sioux Falls - Lollipop Lyra Event Performance Cirka.jpg

Safety is our #1 priority when performing. All performance equipment is provided by Cirka and is rated for aerial acrobatics. All performers are insured up to 30 feet in the air.


Prior to booking our events, we perform a virtual or in-person venue evaluation to determine the options we have for safety hanging our aerial equipment

For Aerial Silks/Hoop Performances: 

1). Rigging from the ceiling: in select cases an event venue has metal or sturdy wooden support beams. We can use our equipment to either clamp or wrap the beam and hang our equipment from the ceiling. We often recommend that a builder or engineer is involved in situations where the ceiling load capacity is uncertain or there are no exposed beams available to rig from.

2). Set-up a portable rig: our portable rigs are metal structures that can be set-up indoors and outdoors and are great for event spaces with lower ceilings or where the ceiling is not an available rigging option. Our rigs can be set-up at 10.5, 15.5 or 20 feet tall. This apparatus takes approximately 15-20 minutes to set-up. Utilizing our aerial apparatus comes at no additional cost.

Free-Standing Lollipop Hoop (pictured):

This hoop stands 9.5 feet tall and is highly portable. It takes approximately 15 minutes to set up and is great for spaces with shorter ceilings.

Interested in getting your event venue evaluated by our aerial professionals? Contact us to arrange an evaluation time. 

Aeria Rigging
Travel Fees:

Travel charges are incurred for events that are more than 30 miles from Sioux Falls, SD. 

  • Mileage Charge: $0.75 per mile to and from event

  • Flight Charge: Variable based on current airline prices

  • Equipment Transportation Fee: $50.00

  • Lodging and Accommodations Fee (when applicable): $400.00 per night

Applicable fees are incurred based on the event travel needs.

Special Requests:

We are happy to accommodate special requests within reason. Below are some common requests and their relative charges.

  • Custom Costume Requests: minimum of $150.00 per costume

  • Custom Silk Colors: pricing varies based on silk length

  • Additional services or specialty acts: prices vary by act and availability

Have Questions on Our Pricing?

Email or call 920-912-5834.

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