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15-Minute Full Body Back-To-School Workout for Beginner Aerial Silks, Sling or Hammock

Is the hustle of the upcoming school year halting your gym time?

We’ve got you covered! At Cirka, we understand how busy life can be and how quickly time slips away. Here are 5 beginner aerial poses to sneak a quick workout in, that you can do anytime during your busy day. Try these poses twice, making sure to switch side. These poses can be performed in an aerial sling, hammock, or on a two-panel silk by tying a knot. In our videos, we will be utilizing a two-panel silk in a knot. Don't forget to stretch and warm-up your muscles, before jumping on the fabric.

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Completely new to aerial and don’t know where to begin? Check out our blog post, 5 Absolute Beginner Aerial Moves You Can Do On Aerial Silks, Sling or Hammock.

Double Knee Hook to Sitting

Coach’s Notes:

  • It is not necessary to go into a full invert at the beginning of this move, but you will want the fabric on your upper hips to balance your body.

  • Bring both legs in between the fabric (window), hook both knees on the same side pole, sink your booty toward the ground, and have the back pole around your back and under your arm. You can use this spot as a resting point.

  • To come to a less squishy seated position, grab the same poles your knees are hooked on with both hands. Let the back pole slide across your back as you use the front pole to pull your bodying into a seated position.

Navigating Up and Down

Coach’s Notes:

  • As you transition from sitting to standing, be sure the fabric is in the middle of your foot. If the fabric is too high or too low, you could lose your footing.

Box Pose

Coach’s Notes:

  • Start practicing this skill close to the ground. This will create the least amount of tension at the top of your aerial rig, making the move easier and more stable.

  • If you are working on a shorter fabric, instead of pulling your body into a standing position, bend your knees into a squat position. You will still be able to practice the pose and work similar muscle groups.

L-Sit to Secretary

Coach’s Notes:

  • Make sure your toes are pointing out to keep your hips in an external rotation. Internal rotating your hips (pigeon toe) can lead to discomfort and create more of a challenge as you squat into a sitting position.

  • Keep the back pole on your upper shoulder and down your middle back. Hold on to the back pole as you squat into a sitting position to maintain stability.


Coach’s Notes:

  • The coffin pose is the horizontal version of the L-Sit pose. Keep your toes pointing out to maintain the external rotation of your hips and the back fabric on your upper shoulder.

  • Do not let go of the back silk if you feel unstable.

Challenge yourself by combining all five moves together into a sequence for the ultimate full body beginner aerial workout. We recommend trying to get through this sequence a total of six times, alternating which side of the silk you are on when getting into a seated position and which leg is up doing the L Stand.

You’ve completed your 15-Minute Full Body Back-To-School Workout for Beginner Aerial Silks, Sling or Hammock! Congratulations, now go slay the day!

Learn more aerial silks in a safe, progressive way with Cirka Online Aerial Tutorials. All of our tutorials were created by expert coaches, and provide you with the tips and tricks to learn the skill and get fit!

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