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About Cirka

Cirka Performance Arts was started in 2021 to bring circus arts to Sioux Falls community and surrounding areas. We want to make your events memorable and unique by providing top quality aerial entertainment for weddings, corporate events, parties, festivals and more. Our team includes aerial instructors, circus performers and seasoned entertainers.  

Why We Started

We love aerial arts. We are a team of aerial teachers and life-long students that want to bring our passion for performance to you. In 2021, our aerial fitness studio was approached by multiple event planners and venues to perform for their events. After many successful events filled with cheers and gasps we saw an opportunity to provide performance services to a wider audience.

Every performance is unique and we want to help create a special experience for your clients, families, friends and companies. Whether you are looking for an ambient performance or main stage entertainment, we are flexible (literally) and want to help make your events memorable. 

South dakota aerial performers standing in front of a silks backdrop in full costume.JPG

Safety is our #1 priority when performing. All aerial equipment is provided by Cirka and is rated for aerial acrobatics. All performers are insured up to 30 feet in the air.


Prior to booking our events, we perform a virtual or in-person venue evaluation to determine the options we have for safety hanging our aerial equipment. There are two different ways we can set-up our equipment for an event:


1). Rigging from the ceiling: in select cases an event venue has metal or sturdy wooden support beams. We can use our equipment to either clamp or wrap the beam and hang our equipment from the ceiling. We often recommend that a builder or engineer is involved in situations where the ceiling load capacity is uncertain or there are no exposed beams available to rig from.

2). Set-up a portable rig: our portable rigs are metal structures that can be set-up indoors and outdoors and are great for event spaces with lower ceilings or where the ceiling is not an available rigging option. Our rigs can be set-up at 10.5, 15.5 or 20 feet tall. This apparatus takes approximately 15-20 minutes to set-up. Utilizing our aerial apparatus comes at no additional cost.

Interested in getting your event venue evaluated by our aerial professionals? Contact us to arrange an evaluation time. 

Aeria Rigging
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